Our Mission

Lobby Corps is an organization that strives to unite activism, professionalism, and strategic planning to advocate for student needs. We strive to represent student interests in political institutions by fighting for student rights, people-powered democracy, and affordable, accessible, and quality higher education for all. Lobby Corps seeks to mirror the unique, diverse, and forward-thinking nature of the UCSB community, and advocate for student needs – be it in Washington D.C., Sacramento, or Isla Vista. Our unit collaborates with other student organizations in order to educate, assist, and train student leaders so they can achieve the change they wish to see. We research, analyze, and advocate for and against local, state, and national legislation, programs, and policy. The goal of Lobby Corps is to influence legislators and decision-makers to craft public policy that reflects our diverse student community’s views and needs and give participating students the opportunity to gain political organizing and legislative advocacy experience.

General meetings for Fall Quarter 2023 are Thursday from 6-7 pm, and are held in the Arts Building 1353. Join our Shoreline and follow us @ucsblc on Instagram to learn more about us!

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